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What is your previous experience with Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development?
2016 will be a year of replanning and expandig the project of Compostas del Duero. It's working!!! and we'll be receiving volunteers until may 2017. Thanks for your interest and your comprehension!!! See ya soon better than ever!!!... Hola a todos y gracias por escribir!!!... Me encanta que estemos en el mismo canal y en el mismo camino de mejora personal, espiritual y de dar lo poquito que se pueda de regreso a este mundo maravillo que es nuestro hogar. En 2015 tuve algunas experiencias con algunos voluntarios y todas fueron magnificas, una gran ayuda y satisfacción. Grandes personajes pasaron por aquí y dejaron su pedacito de alma en este lugar con todo su cariño. Espero que 2016 ahora que estamos dedicados a crecer y replantear el proyecto con mejores expectativas, pueda contar en 2017 con su apoyo sin igual. Espero podamos coincidir de otra forma en otro momento con todos a los que en 2016 no podré conocer. Les deseo buenos caminos, estupendas experiencias e inolvidables momentos compartidos con quienes formamos parte de este mundo de conciencia más abierta... Reciban un abrazo apretado y un hasta pronto de corazón... Gaby Gonzalez
What are your reasons for joining WWOOF Mexico?
Learning about sustainable living and agriculture, Getting to know Mexico better, Other
What do you want the farms and fellow WWOOFers to know about you?
Hard working person and very commited with people with open conciences reaching for their dream to live free and healthy...

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At 3:21pm on September 24, 2013, matthew carter said…

Hola Gabriela

I'm an Australian traveling through Mexico Sep/Oct with guitar and backpack!!, I'm very interested in organics and I'm a good strong worker, although my experience is little I'm a quick learner and can apply myself to any task, I'm friendly and easy going and I know lots of songs on the guitar!!, hope to hear from you Gabriela, peace, Matt

At 7:49pm on September 24, 2013, matthew carter said…

Hey Gabriela

Thanks for responding!!, I'm getting the bus from San Fran to Mazatlan tomorrow, my plans are pretty flexible, I've sent many requests for woofing work but you're the only one who has responded :) I can email you when I get there, 2-3 days time, thanks again, I hope you liked Sydney, that's where I from!!

At 4:39pm on October 7, 2013, matthew carter said…

Hi Gabriela

Sorry to not have responded earlier, I'm woofing on a farm at the moment but would like a few different experiences while I'm here in Mexico, if you need workers in late October early November then let me know, Muchas Gracias!!, Matt

At 12:04pm on October 12, 2013, GARNIER Catherine said…

Hola !

Me llamo Catherine. Aprendo el espanol pero y quiero comunicar con ustedes durante mi viaje en Mexico … y conoce los… Y intento continuar comunicando en inglès... Amicalmente vustra amiga Catherine.

I live in the south of France and I have the project to come to Mexico from about the 3rd of February to about the 20th of March 2014.

I choose this dates according to the quietest period for the activities in my little school farm, that I will leave to my son of 21 years old, with gardens and animals (dogs, donkeys, chickens and gooses), so that he will have the less work to do alone!

Sustainable living : I leave in this place since about thirty years long, among pine forest and scrubland, first in little Woodhouse and since December 2012 in a yurt. (After a second great fire in the sector, my caban was destroyed and authorities expected me to get into the range but it didn’t work!)

We have a generator only for the water pomp… We use some little solar light, and gas for the refrigerator and cooking. We project to install wood and solar ovens, and solar panels soon to get a little more energetic independence. And we have a very nice climate that generally allows us to warm only for a very short time...

Studies and experiences : After learning traditional agriculture about 15 years ago, that never answered to my questioning… I got the chance, through associations, to meet people experimenting other solutions more respectful from the nature and the earth. Since then, I am experimenting and teaching agro ecology and sustainable development through the association "Les Jardins De Tara".

I expect from our meeting to learn and exchange ideas and experiences in order to get further and transmit them around me. And, as we share quiet the same way of living, I will enjoy come and help you through your own tasks during my stay.

I hope sincerely that you will accept my visit and my help. Tell me a little more about the minimum days you want me to stay, the general works we will do and how is the climate at this period… and where exactly you are situated so that I can make a provisional program… because I would like to meet a few Mexican farmers and by the way see different sides of your country. I never traveled so far away from France, and I feel that it is very important for me to do it now… and I’m sure that I will come back to learn and share more and more!

At 1:20pm on October 25, 2013, matthew carter said…

Hola Gabriela

I´m at Lake Chapala at the moment and waiting to hear from a farm that´s ok to host me for a week but having trouble contacting them to find out where they are!!, if I don´t hear from them within the next couple of days then would it be ok to be a guest at your farm?, hope to hear from you soon, Muchias Gracias!!, Matt

At 8:04pm on October 25, 2013, Gaby Glz - Compostas del Duero said…

hello matthew!!

that's great.. thanks for writting back... I'm in Canada now... as I think I was telling you before I still don't have a guest house for wwoofers, but as long as you don't mind staying alone in a house next to the composting plant you are welcome!!... I'll be back to Zamora on monday so I can arrange to let you know what's happening ok, so if you can also just let me know if you are coming that would be good...

we will be hosting a biodynamic course on nov 15th, so maybe you'll learn also about that... have a look at biodynamic agriculture and the person who is coming to lecture http://www.cdarbiodynamic.org

At 4:15pm on October 26, 2013, GARNIER Catherine said…

Hola Gabriela,

Gracias por responderme hasta con un poco de "retraso"... ¡ Y sí, por supuesto que me interesados los abonos compuestos porque dispenso formaciones al "compostage"!

¿ Puede tú decirme dónde exactamente se sitúa porque tengo ahora un programa muy lleno, para que vea si logro encontrar el tiempo de venir ?

Amistosamente, Cath


At 5:58pm on October 29, 2013, matthew carter said…

Hello Gabriela

Many apologies as I have to head back to US, but I will return to Mexico in the new year, so I´ll keep in touch, Matt

At 11:13am on November 2, 2013, Jannel Anderson said…
Hola Gabriela! I have been in Guadalajara for the past four weeks taking intensive Spanish language courses. I originally planned to leave here this Sunday (Nov. 3) to volunteer on a farm/ranch, but unfortunately, I'm now unable to reach the farmer. However, I saw your posting and would absolutely love to volunteer with you for a week or two. You can learn a little about me on my profile page, but it's also worth mentioning that I took a "Master Composter/Soil Builder" course in the U.S., and so I am very familiar with compost. ;) I actually recently toured a large-scale, innovative composting operation outside of Seattle, Washington, and could provide you with their contact information. I'm an incredibly hard worker, and would be happy to assist with all aspects of the business (administrative, educational, shoveling compost, etc.). I'm available to volunteer right away, and could travel to meet you as early as tomorrow! I speak intermediate-level Spanish at this point, and hope to continue speaking as much as possible while here in México. You can reach me at jannel.anderson@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration!
At 10:45pm on November 24, 2013, SPIRULINA VIVA said…

Hola Gaby, Gracias por tu interes. Ahora mismo nuestros planes son un poco inciertos, no puedo decirte cuando seria una buena fecha todavia. Pero tambien existe la posibilidad de enviarte spirulina y el manual y ayudarte de lejos con tu cultivo. Escribe info@spirulinaviva.org si te interesa eso. Mientras, cuando queda algun plan tal vez te aviso, perdon pero estamos en proceso de planeacion para 2014. 


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