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What is your previous experience with Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development?
Land as a passion and liberation
What are your reasons for joining WWOOF Mexico?
Learning about sustainable living and agriculture, Other
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is center for the exploration and integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit – we aim to offer groundbreaking retreats, workshops and tours along with innovative work in the arts, farming and sustainability.With the aim to reinvest the global community that support us each year we have created a summer volunteer programs in which we welcome talents and new ideas for continued innovation in the project.Our program is devoted to host people with skills that range from gardening or construction to web design and management improvements.We offer housing and meals and for 5 hour work in a 6 day basis, minimum stay is 2 weeks made by the volunteer.

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At 9:48pm on September 24, 2013, pierre vincent said…

Hola Cristobal

Somos Pierre y Romain, dos franceces viajando por america en bicicleta (de canada hasta panama). Tenemos 24 anos, hablamos frances, espanol, y un poco de ingles. Yo estudie agronomia y mi primo es paisajista. Tenemos algunos conocimiento en construcion y agricultura. Ya hamos praticado el woofing en francia y canada, y nos gusta este tipo de intercambio. Nos gustaria pasar una o dos semana en tu granja, descubrir lo que estas haciendo, y aprender mas sobre la agricultura local. Ahora estamos en puerto vallarta asi que podriamos lleguar muy pronto (al principio de octubre seria perfecto). Di me si eso es possible, si nos pueden recibir a esta fecha. Podemos hacer cualcuier trabajo que les ayuda. Te dejo mi direccion mail: pvincent@isara.fr  y mi numero de telefono de aca: 6865114804.



At 12:06pm on November 20, 2013, Tom Barkay and Josepha Alaluf said…

We read about your farm on the WWOOF Mexico site and are excited about what you are doing and would be happy to volunteer. We are arriving in Mexico on December 2nd, and are available to come from then on, preferably as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you. 
With thanks,
Tom and Josepha

At 2:45pm on November 26, 2013, Samuelle Bourgault said…

Hi Cristobal,

My name is Samuelle, I am a 21 year old woman from Montreal. I am on exchange at the University of New Mexico for two semesters so I currently live in Albuquerque. I study physics, I enjoy practicing different sports and I speak French as well. I am truly sensible to environmental issues and I think that WWOOF is a great initiative to improve sustainability and solidarity among human beings. I enjoy discovering different ways of living and I feel that working with you at Montecielo would be a wonderful source of learning. I am not afraid of hard work, I’m young and I have a lot of energy! I am thinking about Mexico because I would like to improve my Spanish. I only took one basic class but I love this language! For Christmas break, I have 3-4 weeks free from about mid-December to mid-January and I was wondering if it would be possible to WWOOF at your farm.

Thank you very much!

Hope to get news from you.







Hola Cristobal,

Mi nombre es Samuelle, tengo veintiún años y soy de Montreal, Canadá. Soy una estudiante de intercambio en la Universidad de Nuevo México por dos semestres, pues en este momento vivo en Albuquerque. Estudio física, soy muy activa y hablo francés también. Estoy muy consciente de problemas ambientales y pienso que WWOOF es una iniciativa fabulosa para mejorar la sostenibilidad y la solidaridad entre los seres humanos. Me gusta descubrir maneras diferentes de vivir y siento que trabajar en Montecielo con ustedes puede ser una fuente maravillosa para aprender. ¡No tengo miedo de labor, soy joven y tengo mucha energía! Quiero visitar México porque me gustaría mejorar mis habilidades en el idioma español. ¡Tomé una sola clase pero me gusta mucho este idioma! Para las vacaciones de Navidad, tengo tres o cuatro semanas desde mediados de diciembre hasta mediados de enero. ¿Sería posible trabajar en su granja durante este tiempo?

¡Muchas gracias!

Espero tener noticias de ustedes.




At 11:39pm on December 4, 2013, Samuel Benjamin Kahn said…


My name is sam, I am 23 years old. I was born in the united states, but i currently live in israel. I am traveling with two friends (by car) on the panamerican highway from Tucson, Arizona through mexico, central america and south america. I read information about your farm and we would love to come volunteer and help you in any way we can. We will be traveling in the area around december 30th and would love to stay for two weeks. We are all very able bodied and hard workers. We have done some farming in israel on farms and kibbutz's and are excited to help out. We all have basic spanish but are studying to learn more. I would love to hear back from you and I hope it works out! Thank you

At 1:15pm on December 6, 2013, Sage-Marie said…

Hola Cristobal,

My name is Sage, myself and my sweetie Jean-Nathan are traveling down from California through Mexico and WWOOFing along the way. We're traveling musicians who like to get our hands down in the dirt to work hard but have fun too! Both of us do garden and farm work back home and we want to wwoof along the way through Mexico to meet the people, learn about each place, work hard, share food, share laughs, make friends and make music!

Hablamos espanol, podemos entender mejor que hablar, y estamos mejorando nuestro espanol con este viaje!

Let us know if you have room at your farm for us to volunteer later in december!

Muchas Gracias! Thank you so much,

~Sage & Jean-Nathan

At 3:15pm on December 23, 2013, Etienne Hennessey-Lemieux said…
Hola Cristobal! Como estas?
Me llamo carla y estoy ya en mexico buscando proyectos de granja donde poder participar con un amigo que vendra en breve. En barcelona siempre me he movido en casas construidas con ese espiritu. Tengo algunas experiencias ahi en mi tierra, y en granjas del sudeste asiatico (laos, con animales y cambodia con una plantacion d pimienta). Nuestro interes es poder empezar en enero con un proyecto. Tenemos muchas ganas d aprender, disfrutar y aportar! Mi correo, donde me es mas facil ve vuestra respuesta es avui.es.el.dia@gmail.com. Gracias y espero nos veamos pronto!
At 2:58pm on January 3, 2014, Pauline Oeff said…

Hola Cristobal,

I will be coming to Mexico around the 10th of February and I would love to stay at your farm for at least 2 weeks. At the moment I am traveling Central America. I am 25 and a Master student for Quality- and Processmanagement for horticultural products in Berlin, Germany. I worked on organic farms before and gained practical experience. I am a hard working person who is enjoying a lot working outside in the nature. My Spanish is at at intermediate level at the moment, but I am still practicing and I will probably attend an intensive Spanish course in Antigua, Guatemala.

Do you still have space for me? I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, Pauline

At 10:33pm on January 7, 2014, Benjamin Tregembo said…


My Name is Benjamin, and I am currently making my way through Mexico in a 77 camper van with my Dog and a good friend of mine (also a member of Wwoof Mexico).  I have experience in various forms of agriculture, and am planning to spend the next several years of my life accumulating myriad agricultural techniques, both traditional and innovative.  I would love to work for your farm for as long as needed in the upcoming weeks/months.  Let me know if you need the help. If you would like more information about my traveling partner or my dog, both of who are very agreeable, I am open to answer any and all questions.

Thank you,


At 11:40am on January 22, 2014, BONNOUVRIER anthony said…


soy anthony estoy viajando por mexico y voy a llegar en jalisco en febrero. Me gusteria mucho venir en su granja para trabajar con ustedes conpartir y conocer a su lugar. Me gusta mucho vivir en el campo

conosco un poco de agricultura estube 6 meses en una granja en salta(argentina) y 2 semana en mendoza asi podemos compartir conocimiento

un saludo 

mi mail: ottoanto@hotmail.fr

At 1:50pm on January 26, 2014, yasmin vashdi said…


I would love to work on your farm at this week

i now at mexico city

Please let me know if you would like me to come to your farm.

Thanks :)



At 7:08pm on February 8, 2014, Mark Wolf said…

Hi Cristobal,

I'm from the U.S. but am currently living in Guadalajara and teaching at a high school I'm interested in volunteering at a farm during my spring break the week of April 20 to 27. Your farm looks like a very special place and I was wondering if you might need some help during the week. I have no farming experience, but I'm eager to do hard work. Let me know! Thank you!

At 12:00pm on February 18, 2014, alexis cote potvin said…

hola! quetal wow,ca parece realmente agradable !soy alexis un frances de canada . mes gustaria venir de voluntario en su granja para trabajar con ustedes y tener nueva experiensa
ya conosco el agricultura ,es me travallo,
yo puedo llegar en fin de febrero todo mars diga me lo que le parece .
mucho gracias

At 9:34am on April 26, 2014, manuel sanz said…

hola muy buenos dias, me gustaria ser parte de sus trabajos. estoy muy interezado en contribuir con uds. en cambio de aprender algo. me describo trabajador, de echarle muchas ganas esto para mi de la agricultura organica es un gran meta que quiero lograr. me facinan los trabajos del campo, cuando estoy con la naturaleza me conecto facilmente! tengo algo de experiencia con unas frutas y flores hasta con animales como los pollos. estuve trabajando 5 años en el campo sembrando granadillas y duraznos, haciendo ingertos, regarlos, podarlos, ralearlos. pues hacer los trabajos con el durazno para mi fue un arte. pero me intereza mas de la agricultura organica, y estoy dispuesto a trabajar el tiempo con uds. disponible en cuanto me acepten! espero que les pueda servir algo con lo que se.

At 1:37pm on May 4, 2014, Jackie Greer said…
Hola Cristobal,

I am looking for a farm to stay and work on in June!
I would love to work on the lands of Jalisco, as that is where my Abuelita grew up.
I am half Mexican but mostly gringa. I love the Mexican culture and want to learn more about the country my Mom and Grandma are from.

I am a hard worker and eager to learn the ways of organic farming and sustainable agriculture.
I speak basic spanish but want to be fluent!
Please consider me for your farm in Jalisco!

I am completely available after June 9th!


At 12:40am on May 21, 2014, Jackie Greer said…
Hola Cristobal,

Busco a una granja para quedarse y trabajar en junio!
Me encantaría trabajar en las tierras de Jalisco, ya que es donde mi Abuelita creció.
Soy media mexicana, pero sobre todo gringa. Me encanta la cultura mexicana y quiero aprender más sobre el país de mi mamá y la abuela son.

Soy muy trabajador y con ganas de aprender los caminos de la agricultura ecológica y la agricultura sostenible.
Hablo español básico, pero quiero estar con fluidez!
Por favor considerar para su granja en Jalisco!

Estoy completamente disponibles después del 9 de junio!

At 12:29pm on May 24, 2014, Rio Alexander Tattersall said…

Hola Cristobal!

Somos 3 bicycleteros viajando por las Americas. Ya tenemos um pocou de experiencia haciendo wwoof en Baja California e yo en Canada. Queremos aprender acera de la agricultura local. Estamos emocionados por hacer mas intercambio con wwofing. Nuestras ultimas experiencias eran muy buenas e si usted necesitas tres manos adicionales por 1 o 2 semanas por favor déjanos saber! Saludos,

Rio Tattersall 

At 4:23pm on June 13, 2014, molly dickinson said…

Heya! Im molly, a 20 year english girl currently on summer vacation from medical school. I will be visiting the Mexico this summer from late june until september and am excited to have the opportunity to wwoof for the first time! I would love the chance to meet new people and learn new skills as well and getting to know a bit about a new country! i would be interested in working on your farm, do you have any availability in this time? I am hardworking and a good learner who loves spending time outdoors! 
I currently have very minimal experience of life on farms but am hardworking, enjoy learning new skills and am highly adaptable.

My email is md12381@my.bristol.ac.uk - looking forward to hearing from you soon


At 12:20pm on June 18, 2014, Irène Potron said…


Soy Irene, una estudiante francesa de 20 años. Estoy en México desde mayo y actualmente estoy haciendo my práctica profesional en Ciudad Valles, SLP.

Después voy a hacer mi primera experiencia de WWOOFing en una granja de spirulina; y después me gustaría trabajar en su granja si es posible, del  11 de Julio al 15 de Agosto.

Yo no tengo mucha experiencia en trabajar en granjas pero aprendo rápidamente y trabajo duro. Me interesa mucho la agricultura ecológica y sustentable. Además intento vivir de esta manera y está muy importante para mí respetar al planeta.  Hablo español, inglés y francés.

Por favor envíame un email por cualquiera información necesitada, y estoy esperando su respuesta a irene.potron@gmail.com.

Muchas gracias y hasta pronto!


At 9:21am on July 27, 2014, Robert Sewell said…

Hola Cristobal,

Me llamo Rob. Soy Australiano y vivo en Barceona (España) con mi mujer Alai y nuestros dos hijos, Lander (3 años y medio) y Naia (2 años).

Quería saber si las familias son bienvenidas en vuestro proyecto.

Estamos planeando un viaje a México de 2-3 meses entre octubre y diciembre de 2014. El verano pasado, pasamos unos días ayudando en un proyecto de permacultura en el norte de España (campa paja - http://www.permaculturacantabria.com/campamentos/campa-paja-2014). Nos gustaría mucho repetir la experiencia en un proyecto adecuado.

Nos gustaría participar en todo lo posible, trabajando y aprendiendo, dentro de los límites que viajar con niños permite, y estaríamos felices de quedarnos hasta un mes si fuese necesario.

Si las familias son bienvenidas y necesitiais voluntarios en algún momento durante esos meses, nos encantaría formar parte de vuestro proyecto. Espero noticias vuestras.

Un saludo,


At 2:38pm on July 27, 2014, MARGARITA P. MACIEL PALACIOS said…
Hello Cristobal,
This is Mar and Ed, a responsible and positive couple who believes in respect, peace and love, friendship, and giving back love and care to Mother Earth. We are easy going, strong and fit, university educated and love nature and adore dark skies.  We believe in a balance of spirit, mind and body.
We want to see the beautiful Mexico at the same time that we work hard volunteering.  We have made a lifetime commitment with ourselves and want to live a sustainable lifestyle that is harmonious with our planet and we are excited to learn all aspects regarding permaculture, natural building, organic agriculture, energy, eco places and more.
We came across your farm and would love it if you would consider having us to be a part of it. 
Our start date and time commitment are really flexible starting from September 6th, we dream of going all over Mexico.
A little about ourselves: Ed has experience as a trainer in physical culture which includes a balance of exercise, nutrition and recuperation as a means to good health and has helped many people to better their lives.  Ed was also the gardener of a large commercial lodge in Michigan.  He is a scientist and a mathematician by training. 
And I am a free spirit, I love to sing, to dance, to smile, to be true to myself, to help others. I'm an ecologist at heart and I love to get involved in things to help, I have a huge spirit of service. I have had experience in volunteering in a farm taking care of the animals, planting lettuce and zucchini, preparing a room for new painting, helping in the kitchen and cleaning rooms.
We ran and managed a rural lodge in the USA and are experienced in all aspects of hospitality.
As a couple we are able to communicate in English, Spanish, Italian and French. 
I really feel that Ed and I have a lot that we can contribute to your project, good vibes, hard work, joy and we learn fast ;)
If there is an available room and/or space on your farm and you need help, we would love to give a hand.  We are open to short or long commitments whatever suits you better.  For us it is important to learn all the knowledge possible for which we would be truly thankful.
We hope that we can meet soon.
Thank you, have a great day and hope to hear from you :)
Mar and Ed
cell: 322-107-1421

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