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Hello WWOOFers,

this is Max from Leipzig, Germany. Actually I plan to travel around in Mexicó starting in January 2018 in Tijuana, down the Baja California Peninsula to La Paz, then over Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, Guadalajara and Mexicó City to Oaxaca. I wish to get to know the country, the culture and the people of Mexicó. I contacted a few farms but just one of them answered till now. That's why I am looking for some other hosts in the near of the listed destinations. 

I am 21 years old, fit, healthy and willing to help wherever I can. Physically hard work is no problem. I love animals of any kind (but spiders ;) ) and respect the nature. Right now my Spanish is amateurishly but my English is good. 

Best regards to you all from cold Germany

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