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What is your previous experience with Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development?
Helping WWOOFers since 2005
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Learning about sustainable living and agriculture
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At 2:50pm on January 15, 2018, Melissa Harvey said…


i was just wondering, I haven't heard back from any of the farms I contacted yet. Is the reaponae rate usually low? I don't want to over apply....

thanks for your help. 


At 8:13pm on January 17, 2018, WWOOF Mexico said…

Hi Melissa,

Many of the WWOOF Mexico farms are in rural places where phone and internet are not readily available or not 100% reliable. If farmers are very busy, they might only check email messages once a week. Keep trying to contact them via all methods: phone, email, facebook, etc.



At 8:49pm on April 3, 2018, Coleby said…

Hello I am trying to set up another wwoofing account for my partner as we aren't allowed to share a profile however we share a bank account and due to that it will not let us sign up using the same banking information what can we do?

Thanks, Coleby.

At 9:18pm on April 4, 2018, WWOOF Mexico said…

Go ahead and share your account with your partner. Thanks for letting us know.



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