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Farm in Cuernavaca, Morelos 2


Farm in Cuernavaca, Morelos 2

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FARM'S DESCRIPTION: we are a family dedicated to living, teaching, learning and experimenting Permaculture and sustainable development and living. we have been working in this project of transforming a conventional suburban house into an ecological house and demostrative site implementing apropriate tecnology such as gray water filters, dry toilets, natural building, solar energy, rain water collection, as well as organic vegetable gardens. our main activity is to give worshops to the community to teach about Permaculture, sustainable development, organic agriculture, natural building, appropriate technology, medicinal plants, live food, and other interesting topics. we appreciate the help of wwoofers, activities vary from helping with the garden tasks such as fertilizing, planting, weeding, etc, construction tasks, such as working with cob, earthbags and other natural builing techniques and materials, and gerneral maintenace of the site.
ACCOMODATION and MEALS: the accomadation is camping ( there are sheltered places where to put your tent in case of rain, preferably bring your own equipment: tents, sleeping bag , hammock, mosquito net) ), the meals are vegan, partly raw foodOn Saturday only serves breakfast and Sunday is a "free" day, therefore not providing food.
ARRIVAL and WORKING DAYS: volunteers need to confirm your arrival in advance ( 1 month), by the moment we are able to welcome 3 people at a time, minimum stay is one week. The days and hoursof work are Monday through Friday are requested 4 to 6 hours of work per day and on Saturday from 2 to 3 hours. 
RECOMENDATIONS: To flow with the ethics of the center, please:

  • do not bring canned and processed foods
  • do not bring food of animal origin (milk, cheese, eggs, meat..)
  • do not bring GARBAGE
  • don't bring alcoholic beverages and smoking is permitted only in the area defined for thispurpose
  • personal care products must be biodegradable, if not we can here provide the necessary (soap and toothpaste)
  • be patient with the children

The demostrative center Permaculturarte Huerto del Ts'unu'un, A.C. does not take responsibility for any phisical injury suffered by any participants during their stay, for this reason we ask to always follow the instructions given by the center's staff, inform and ask for help if needed and don't start any activity without notice or prior capacitation
WHAT TO BRING: In the demonstration center Permaculturarte Huerto del Ts'unu'un we welcomepeople of all ages, genders and countries, always bearing in mind the recommendations and ethics of the center. It's much appreciated the originality and presence of each of you who have come andwant to return to the center and also to those who come for the first time to lend your hands for the development of this site. For this purpose are always welcome, to share during your stay:

  • new ideas and good humor
  • organic seeds
  • Musical Instruments
  • curious tools
  • willingness and desire to learn
  •  tasty recipes ....

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