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Farm in Barrio Santa Martha, Mexico D.F.


Farm in Barrio Santa Martha, Mexico D.F.

Farm's name:  Coconeco  (Kid's Land in the local Indigenous language called Nahuatl)  


Name of owner or person in charge:  Silverio Jimenez Audiffred

Email address for contact with WWOOFers: teztla@gmail.com , https://www.facebook.com/teztla

Phone number:  (0052) 1 55 1387 0822

Farm's location and address (including province and country):

Av. Tlaxcala # 60

Barrio Santa Martha

Mexico D.F.

C.P. 12000

Mexico City


Description of the farm (size, conditions, crops, projects, activities, etc.):

(I am attaching a google map location of the farm.)

Our farm is part of an Indigenous comunity of Nahua people that lies aproximately one hour away from Mexico City.  We have around one hundred fruit trees ranging from figs, avocados, apple, pear, plums, peaches, mexican cherries, olives, granadine and lime. We also have medicinal plants growing on the farm and practice a solid diet of Indigenous foods, including the more common superfoods that have become more well known outside of Mexico in recent times.

The farm has been inactive for a couple of months due to the fact that I had to take care of my aging father and sick grandmother but thanks to a whole range of minerals and medicinal plants they are now better and have the time to invest in the farm now.

The activities range from cultivating corn, squash, beans and this year would like to venture into planting a as many kind of vegetables as possible to encourage other farmers around to grow organic.  it is worth saying that the majority of the people in Milpa Alta are farmers and earn a living by doing so.

We would also collect fruits on a daily basis and make jams and other healthy products that we can think of in order to start a local organic and trade market. 

Work required from WWOOFers:

Planting veggies, collecting fruit and medicinal plants, preparing jams and other products that could be made from fruit. 

Removing unwanted weeds and grass growing on the farm.

Building small shelters for farm animals.

Fixing roof on Living quarters and building a dry toilet.

We also have another small house in the same premises which also  needs to be fixed but this small house can be rotated among us in case we need to spend some time on our own.  We can develop a way so that everyone gets some time on his or her own at least ones a week...

Description of accommodation and meals provided:

We have a small house of 11 meters by 11 meters with sufficient space for up to 4 wwoofers.

Inside the small house we have a kitchen, bathroom and shower room, living room and dining room.

Food will be cooked mainly by myself and my girlfriend and sometimes when we are not around by a local woman who cooks amazing Native food.

special requirements or anything you would like WWOOFers to know before visiting your farm (rules or restrictions, minimum or maximum length of stay, things to bring, information about area, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions:

No special requirements needed really.

Just to note that we don't drink nor smoke nor do drugs but we are not small minded people, we understand and if need be, we can assign a especial place for this too.

Wwoofers can stay for as long as they need to.

IF YOU WISH TO WWOOF AT THIS FARM, CLICK THIS LINK TO CONTACT THE FARM ADMINISTRATOR: http://www.wwoofmexico.org/profile/SilverioJimenezAudiffredFM?xg_source=profiles_memberList
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