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Name: Farm in Lechuguillas, Veracruz
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Our farm and it's characteristics


We have vacancy for WWOOFers from UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE.


 teléfono 228.163.6965228.124.7837 o mándanos un correo armandumed@hotmail.com

Rancho Alegre Mandumed is a farm based on the idea of preserving the environment by recycling everything that is wasted during the farm's processes. We are always open to new ideas and sharing knowledge. We are one kilometer away from the beach in the north-central state of Veracruz (Golf of Mexico), near a turtle nesting camp.

The farm started in 1997 in a 3.7 hectare piece of land that was used as pasture for cattle. Today, the farm has a 2 hectare lychee forest, 8 vermicompost modules, a 400 sq.mts. vegetable garden, and a home for more than 20 sheep and 100 hens. In addition, the farm has 60 tropical fruit trees spread around the property.


We work with permacultural, agroecological, sutainable principles. Every process in this farm has been  certified by BIOAGRICERT.

Working hours are form 7am to 2pm MONDAY to SATURDAY , taking one hour break for brunch from 10 to 11am. There are permanent workers at the farm from Monday to Saturday including a young couple, the founder of this project's sons and his partner. Their names are Rogelio and Nievska.

The farm is open for people who enjoy seeding, harvesting, animal feeding, landscaping, earth building. In other words, we receive people who like working to maintain the farm in a good producing state. It is open year round.

The nearest city is Puerto de Veracruz, which has an International Airport, and it's aprox. 100 kms from Lechuguillas. Another major city is Xalapa, Veracuz's capital, and it is 145 kms away. Public transportation is easy to use to move around.


The farm has camping area for WWOOFers tonuse, please bring your own tent and everything you might need for a good night sleep. Camping area has bathrooms, 4 for women and 4 for men. There is a nice bamboo "Palapa", with a kitchen available for you to use including an adobe oven. Clothes can be washed by hand ortbere are laundry cleaning in E. Carranza. There is a well in the property to supply the farm's water needs. There is electricity and internet (outside hall of the main house).


The farm produces eggs, fruits, vegetables, and chicken. The production depends on the weather, the seed availability in the region, as well as labor. Cereals and other goods can be bought at the nearest town, Carranza, 2 kms away. The farm provides everyday food for the WWOOFers, but if anyone would like a special treat you can always get it at the nearest town.

What do we suggest to bring:
  • Comfortable working shoes, (not open shoes nor soft shoes)
  • Long sleave shirts (unless you like sunbathing while working)
  • Working pants
  • Personal hygiene supplies such as: tooth brush, towel, shampoo, tooth past, soap, etc.
  • Bathing suit 
  • Cap or hat for working under the sun
  • and willingness to work!!!   ;)





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