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Farm in San Bartolo Amanalco, Edo de Mexico


Farm in San Bartolo Amanalco, Edo de Mexico

The farm is located in San Bartolo a rural forested region in Mexico state 2 hours away from CDMX and just 30 minutes away from Valle de Bravo (a magical town around a lake with paragliding, water ski and mountain bicycle tracks). And 1 hour away from Corral de Piedra (a natural reserve).

Our farm is a 30 year old project that grew from a completely empty corn field into a beautiful garden and forested area where we farm bees for honey, pollen and propolis, goats for milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, butter meat and hides, chickens for eggs, rabbits for meat and hides, and we are starting with breadmaking and horticulture and would certainly appreciate any help or expertise you can contribute with.

phone is +152-726-103-20-97 and our e-mail is rancholacolmena@gmail.com

we speak Spanish, English and French. 

Name: Farm in San Bartolo Amanalco, Edo de Mexico
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Comment by Ana María Cortés Fajardo on January 25, 2018 at 10:36pm

Buena Noche, me gustaría conocer su granja y apoyarlos desde el 12 hasta el 19 de febrero. No sé si sean muchos o pocos días, o si tienen una política sobre los mínimos y máximos a permanecer en la granja. Quedo atenta. Saludos. 

Comment by Dan Buckler on February 4, 2018 at 8:12pm


(Por favor me diga si necesito escribir en español)

My wife and I (each 30 years old) are exploring WWOOF options in Mexico around October and November and are interested in your farm. Our intention would be for me to join the farm for about a month, with my wife joining me for the second half of the stay.

I am a forester by trade and have also been an organic gardener for about five years on a tiny urban plot in northern USA (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). My wife and I would like to start a small farm with chickens and goats and we are looking for places to learn more about raising animals and growing produce. We are both hard working, curious people, anxious to expand our knowledge and experience.

I know October/November is far away, but I am just seeing if it is possible for us to join you at that time?

Thanks so much,

Dan Buckler

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Comment by Lala on May 6, 2018 at 3:32pm
  • Hello, estoy Lala.. me gusteria venir a trabajar con vosotros. Puedo ayudar en el jardin. pero sobretodo me gusteria aprender lo que se puede hacer con el propolio y el pollen. Mi esposo y yo tenemos 20 colmenas desde poco en républicain dominicana. Me gusteria venir las dos últimas semanas de junio, si se puede .. 
Comment by Blanchot Aurélia on May 8, 2018 at 10:57am

Holà Victoria, 

Es Aurelia . No tengo noticias . Espero que estàs bien. 


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