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What is your previous experience with Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development?
I am a midwest farmers daughter , ' been doing organic since my time on our earth mother began. Once I walked on from our family farm , I've always had my fingers in the dirt even when living on a house boat in Amsterdam Windowsill gardening was present.. Back to the basics is the style I live now..
What are your reasons for joining WWOOF Mexico?
What do you want the farms and fellow WWOOFers to know about you?
At this time 2013 summer time , we are not hosting anyone at this time. Please go in peace to another spot and pracice walking lightly on our mother ship EarthThis is about me and the land I care take and welcome WWOOFers on.

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At 4:00pm on October 17, 2010, Antoine GILBERT said…

Soy muy interesado por sus granja. Tenia un huerto en Francia y me gusta trabajar la tierra. He trabajado ya en un proyecto similar en el sur de España, en una comunidad (Sunseed: tecnología del desierto) utilizando principios de la permacultura, tecnología apropiada (bombeo de agua, paneles fotovoltaicos...) y bioconstrucción.

Tengo una diploma y una experiencia profesional sobre la gestión de agua, entonces podría también trabajar sobre la potabilisación o el tratamiento de las aguas fecal. Estoy trabajando con un carpintero sobre casas en madera, no tengo mucho experiencia en este campo pero soy muy interesado para trabajar mas en la construcción.

Me gustaría mucho de trabajar con vosotros para encontrar personas de diferentes culturas, descubrir tu región, aprender mas sobre la permacultura y la vida sostenible y mejorarme en español.

Sera en Mexico en noviembre por lo menos tres meses y pienso quedar en sus granja un mes.

Hasta pronto, esperando su repuesta,

At 8:50am on October 19, 2010, emily majewski said…
Hi Terresa,

This is Emily again - my husband and I are WWOOFING with you in Feb 2011. Please let me know if you receive this message, otherwise I will get a phone card to call you and confirm! Thanks so much - Emily
At 9:31pm on November 5, 2010, Justine Faust said…
do you have a link for your farm?
At 5:40pm on November 6, 2010, Matt Adcock said…
los nombres de nuestros loic (32 de Francia) y mate (21 de Canadá). Ahora estamos viajando hacia el sur en biciy en Jalisco. Tenemos Expirience finca y disfrutar de la cultura, el aprendizaje de la ecología y español

nos gustaría trabajar en su granja, por favor, envíenos un coreo a mattadcock@hotmail.com si necesita ayuda o tiene alguna preguntas

gracias, Matt y Loic
At 11:39pm on November 23, 2010, Hannah Webb said…
Hello Terresa, I am interested in Wwoofing at your farm. I am 24 and I have Wwoofed once Before in Mexico. I am Hoping to help with a sustainable project in Canada this summer but I Would really like to learn some more and hold out the Winter here in Mexico Untill it is a little less snowy in Canada.. I am looking at starting the end of December and I would like to stay for a month or two. Please let me know if you need any volunteers for the months of Dec Jan feb and March. Thanks Hannah Webb.
Bananahannahrama@gmail.com 473-118-3974 (Tel Cel) De GUanajuato. Gracias
At 5:30pm on November 28, 2010, Scott Sellwood said…
Estimada Terresa,

Somos una pareja Australiano. Buscamos la oportunidad a trabajar con ustedes desde 10 de diciembre hasta 22 de diciembre esté año (entonces, solo 12 días). En este momento estamos estudiando español en la UNAM, en Taxco, entonces podemos hablar y escribir español a un nivel intermedio.

Nosotros dos ambos hemos estudiado permacultura (agro-ecólogia) en Australia y, además, hemos trabajado en algunas fincas orgánicas en Australia y las Estados Unidos, mas recién en Corvallis, Oregon. Emma es maestra de educación ambiental. Soy abogado de derechos medioambientales.

Nos interesamos en la agricultura sostenible, la seguridad alimentaria, justicia social y la vida sano y divertido.

Estamos felices a trabajar cinco días a la semana, por seis horas diariamente.

Sin más por el momento, esperamos con ilusión a su respuesta por correo electrónico.

Que tengan un día lindo,

Scott y Em
At 6:39pm on November 29, 2010, emily majewski said…
Hello Terresa! This is Emily and Brandon, the wwoofers arriving in Feb 2011. I have been trying to get a hold of you with some news - we are pregnant! I will be 7 months along by the time Feb arrives so it won't be the best time to volunteer. We would love to reschedule. Please let me know you got this message. Thanks!

At 1:17pm on December 3, 2010, Alexandra Cicoli Seim said…
Hola Terresa, soy una chica de 21 años, fui viajando en Mexico los ultimos 6 meses y en latin america el ultimo año. No tengo experiencia con farming organico, pero soy muy interesada y tengo mucho ganas de aprender como se puede vivir organicamente. Soy sociable y tambien fisicamente fuerte y acostumbrada a trabajar. Quiero mejorar mi español y encontrar nueva gente con los mismos intereses. Seria bien si podria trabajar desde la segunda semana en enero 2011 hasta el fin de febrero.

Saludos y gracias,
At 8:50am on December 4, 2010, Amelia Lacasse said…

My name is Amelia. I am 19 years old. I graduated from high school a year early, did some college for holistic health and then continued on to an intensive class in Arizona for my masters in NLP, Hypnotherapy and many other things. I am a very hard worker. I have worked on an island off the coast of Maine for five years tending to the gardens and doing landscaping. I have my own organic vegetable garden, and have worked with local farmers in theirs. I have experience working on an organic meat farm for rabbits, turkeys, chickens and eggs. I have experience with draft horses harnessing and pulling. Beekeeping is a HUGE interest of mine although I have no experience with it. Along with all the agriculture I have a very big interest in holistic health. I have my masters in Reiki, hypnotherapy, and NLP. I am a certified NLP life coach, timeline therapist, ordained minister, spiritual healer, and earth steward. I want to live as holistically as possible and one day open my own holistic health practice/ farm. I practice the simple and beautiful Native American red road tradition. I live and work for Mother Earth. I use to speak Spanish well but have lost a lot of the fluency over the years. I feel like I could pick it up quickly again though. I am available early January. I would like to stay for an extended period of time, a month minimum. Thanks.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Amelia- .
At 3:58pm on December 13, 2010, luke frost said…

Hola! my names luke frost and me and my girlfriend kelly are travelling in mexico were currently in Zamora and looking for farms to work on in the michocan area.We are very interested in learning about green sustainable living techniques. As we'd like to put these into practice when we return home to england.We would be very gratefull for oputunity to work and learn on your farm.We'd like to wwoof for two weeks and were free from now untill early january.Please email back if you have any space at the momment.Thanks.

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