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What is your previous experience with Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development?
diferent projects on the mediterranean area
What are your reasons for joining WWOOF Mexico?
Learning about sustainable living and agriculture, Other
What do you want the farms and fellow WWOOFers to know about you?
we are working on learning about all this and sharing it.

Hello Everybody!!

I re-enter to this plataform after a few years and a couple of children.....

We have been working in the semidesert area, vear Saltillo city and Monterrey city.

Have a litle girl (Limaya) of 8 years old, and a kid (Numa) of 11 years. Anne (french origien), and me, are almost finishing our home, made out wuth adobe, and bricks.. finding out each time, beter and beter how to live from the land, with out damage it, and trying to have a social compromise, directly with the people around us.

Here you can hear the COYOTES, see the bright stars and the VIALACTEA, learn milking cows (we have a couple), take care of the pigs, chickens, pets, cats, and sheep. Also we are doing a big effor each time we can, to work the land with horses, so, is possible to ride them on the week ends or so...

Now, on the 2017, we would like to start with a few more sheep, and start living in our new place, constructed for us during 7 years!! ufff...

I´ll try to upload a few pics... allways is easier to get an a idea...

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Please have a look to our personal blog

On this blog you can find all information about the project and our personal email.
We prefer you contacto us to palchuzo@gmail.com


Posted on March 11, 2009 at 9:30pm

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At 11:25am on October 3, 2011, Jane Sullivan said…
Dear Bernardo, my friend and I are planning on coming to Mexico and are looking for an opportunity to WOOF and learn about sustainable living and farming.

We are both from Australia and are two hard-working 30 year olds. We have our own car which we live and sleep in and so would be reasonably hassle-free to stay.

We can arrive at your farm by Tuesday, October 11 and would be happy to work with you for a week if that is suitable for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

At 3:21pm on October 20, 2011, Dylan Wales said…

Hello! I will be around Monterrey for the month of January and I'm wondering if you'll be be taking on wwoofers mid January?



At 3:23pm on November 30, 2011, Rachael R said…

¡Hola Bernardo!

Mi nombre es Rachael, tengo 22 años y trabajo en el sector de organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Nueva York. Me encantaría venir a WWOOF en su granja y contribuir en General Cepeda. A pesar de que no tengo ninguna experiencia en agricultura orgánica, aprendo rápido, trabajo duro y soy flexible. También he pasado varios meses como voluntaria con niños en Perú, Costa Rica y Argentina. Estoy muy interesada en conocer mas sobre la agricultura ecológica y Mexico - me encantaría ayudar en su granja en enero (un mes).

Espero escuchar pronto de usted,


At 12:36pm on December 1, 2011, Bernardo Garcia said…

Hi Rachel,


Nos gustaria mucho recibirte: Por favor para mas y mejor comunicacion escribenos a palchuzo@gmail.com.



At 12:11pm on April 26, 2012, Andrea Serra said…

Hi! My name is Andrea and I’m a 21 year old student from California. I have been studying Spanish and I’m planning on WWOOFing in Mexico this summer. I am looking to stay at a farm for 3 weeks to a month. I would love to stay at your farm if you have room for me during June-July. I will arrive in Mexico city the first week of June. I have very little experience in organic farming but I’m very eager to learn. I’m a very hard worker, in good shape and speak basic Spanish. My email address is jposg@yahoo.com. Please get back to me and let me know. Thanks!

Hola! Mi nombre es Andrea y soy un chica con 21 añios de California. Yo soy esudiando Español en colegio y planio visitar en Mexico por este verano para ser WWOOFing. Yo quiero quedar en un granja por 3 semanas o por un mes. Yo me gustaría mucho quedar en tu granja si tu tienes espacio per mi. Llegare a Ciudad de Mexico en primera semana de Junio. Yo tengo muy poco experiencia en organico granja pero soy muy entusiasmada per aprender y soy muy fuerte trabajadora. Tengo buen condición física y yo hablo Español básico. Mi dirección de email es jposg@yahoo.com. Por favor escríbeme de vuelta y diceme si puedo ir a tu granja. Gracias!

At 12:23am on July 12, 2012, Sunny Howard said…

I hope this message finds you well Bernardo!

I have been looking into wwoofing for some time now and have decided that Mexico is where we would like to do so. Myself, my boyfriend Alex, and our mute 5lb lap dog are interested in wwoofing in Mexico for several months. We don't have any solid plans after we arrive in Mexico, so we are flexible. We work hard, love hard, and are excited to learn, teach, and grow with an organic farm. Our spanish is not the best, but we're excited to work on this. We are in our mid 20s and currently professional cyclists in Washington, DC. We fell in love with organic farming and earth skills a couple years ago when we went to our first earth skill gathering. Here we learned about humanure, fermentation, a bit of animal husbandry, and I harvested my first rooster that a local farmer donated for dinner. I am vegetarian but my boyfriend enjoys organic meat. We spend so much money on organic food because we know its worth it, but growing and tending to our own would be ideal. We've practices building cobb shelters, mud stoves, mycology, and blacksmithing, and a few other things. We are both quick learners and hard workers that enjoy bringing beauty and sustainability to our environment. We embrace simple living and are minimalists. We are looking for a farm that would be happy for us to grow with them if it is suitable. We plan on leaving Washington, Dc in mid October to head to Mexico. We know that we have no other plans from there and are open to the beautiful possibilities that may await us. We'd love to chat over the phone or through e-mail and are happy to answer any questions that you may have for us.

Please let us know if you could use the help!


Sunny & Alex

At 9:02pm on July 16, 2012, Michael Sloan said…


My name is Sloan and I would love to have the opportunity to WWOOF at your farm. I am 24 years old and have become fascinated with learning about organic and sustainable living. I don't have any farming experience. But, I have spent several months in Honduras doing adobe house construction and teaching English. I am hard working, eager to absorb as much information as I can, and a quick learner. I have intermediate Spanish skills and hope to further develop them. I hope to be in Mexico by late August and would love to spend a few months at your farm. Please let me know if you could use the help or have any other questions for me, I know my profile is a little thin. 

Many thanks!

At 12:50pm on August 7, 2012, Bernardo Garcia said…

Hi Michael,

We do need alot of help. please if you are interested have a look to our not updated blog and keep in touch with our personal adress: palchuzop@gmail.com


At 12:40pm on October 9, 2012, Kate L Tarlecki said…

Are you taking wwoofers in November? I have very little experience, I have been working as a chef/ cook for more than 10 years. I want to learn this side of things and do more to educate others and impact the environment. Thank you, Kate

At 3:54pm on January 8, 2013, Antje Wittmann said…


soy antje de Alemania! en esto momento estoy en monterrey y voy viajar dirección sur en unos días. mi proyecto para esto parte de mi viaje es aprender sobre agricultura sostenible para implementarlo en una comunidad que quiero crear con unos amigos algún día (todavía no hay planes concretos, pero por eso tengo que aprender :). seria posible que paso por la granja para visitar y ver su proyecto y si tienen espacio para quedarme en esto momento también para trabajar con ustedes? 

mi correo es antjewittmann@gmx.de . me gustaría mucho escuchar de ustedes!

luz y energía!


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