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Farm in Zapopan,Jalisco, Mexico


Farm in Zapopan,Jalisco, Mexico

Name of farm: Ecoaldea Nido Quelele
Name of person in charge: Joxé Ambrix
email address: ambrizrjose@yahoo.com.mx
Location:about 2km from fraccionamento ‘el roble’  outside of guadalajara google marker Zapopan
45640 Zapopan, JALISCO
México. From the highway to tequila there is a turning on the right hand side to the 'club de udg' after ‘la venta’. Most people arrive my bus- they take the 629 from parque rojo (parque revolution) get off at the venta and Jose will come and pick them up. 
Description: the overall im of Nido Quelele is to protect and restore mother nature and create peace and harmony. and what better way to create peace than with peace? Nido Quell is a haven of peace, tranquility, creativity and resistance in the middle of the forest. It’s fun demented on the principles of permaculture: Earth care, people care, fair share. For that reason at Nido Quelele we are powered on 100% renewable energy (solar) and cook outside on the fire fueled by fallen logs. Activities include working on the permaculture garden, ecobuilding, maintaining the organic toilet, creating cycle paths and anything that you want to do and contribute is more than welcome- we embrace the input, creativity and knowledge of everyone who steps foot on this beautiful land! Nido Quelele is an active step away from the capitalist system, where we are living in practice the ideals that we believe in and creating spaces based on love as opposed to money!! Working hours are flexible- we want to create spaces of trust and good will so don’t want to put requirements of hours, but at the same time hope that people who come also share the same vision! and in return there is accommodation- a bed or lots of bedding and blankets in tents that are provided- food- we can cater for all dietary needs- normally we eat vegetarian food but occasionally the family brings meat items!! But many people who come are vegetarian and there is no problem!!
We don’t believe in rules or hierarchy and hope that good will, love, resect and trust are values that keep our ecosystem working in happy equilibrium!!   

Name: Farm in Zapopan,Jalisco, Mexico
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