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Farm in Tecoman, Colima


Farm in Tecoman, Colima

Farm: Mi Tierra

egg, chicken and turkey in free pasture.

owner: Warenka Smutny Valle

 email: Snoopas34@hotmail.com


 address: Tecuanillo road 1.5 km from the beach. Tecomán, Colima, México.

Our farm is a 13.5 Ha farm in which we grow our happiness.We have 1000 very happy and free hens, it depends when you come but like 240 chickens, 20 turkeys, 4 horses that I love and I’m training, 3 Australian shepherds that I also enjoy training and 1 mix fila brasileño with grane dane. Humans: just me and my boyfriend.  The farm is planted with palm trees and its delimitated by a nice river in which we love swimming after a good session of surfing which we try at least 3 times a week. There are amazing waves over here. Just 10 minutes its one of the best surfing’s spots in Mexico.

Your activities will be feeding the chickens and hens. Pick up and clean the eggs. Once a week we move everything, the hen house, the nets, and you might use sometime the tractor which you don’t need to know how, I’ll show you here. Right now we are finishing our home in the farm it was a hiperadobe technique that we like a lot and we want to build another small house for guests and volunteers so you will also be helping with that. And also creating and taking care of the orchard and incubating some turkey eggs. You might work maybe 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours a day it depends on the day.

Right now as we want to build a house for volunteers we don’t have a house or room to stay, but we have a big big tent in which you can stay. And about the food I won’t cook, but you can get as many eggs and chicken as you want and as much the orchard gives and I’ll give you a stove and everything you need to cook your food.


You´ll have a bike so you can go to the sea or to town. Tecomán it’s the biggest town near us and it is like 9km from the farm, if you don’t mind pedaling its ok, if you mind I can take you in car, we go everyday anyways.

We are pretty chill if that word exists. And we want to have fun, I love meeting new people and shearing how amazing the animals and living from the land it is! We welcome everyone that is willing to stay more than 2 weeks.

Name: Farm in Tecoman, Colima
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