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Farm in Sudzal, Yucatan, Mexico


Farm in Sudzal, Yucatan, Mexico


farm: Coco Village

manager: Shane Keenom

email: cocovillageyucatan@yahoo.com

phone:+52 998 336 6383


English, Spanish spoken

Sudzal, Yucatan, Mexico- Coco Village Carratera Suszal a Tzalam Km 3.8

My name is Shane, 30 years old, from California, USA. I'm starting a permaculture food forest in Yucatan, Mexico. I'm ONLY looking for people experienced with and certified in permaculture to help in planting a food forest this coming rain season. I would like to have an experienced person in tilapia and aquaponics farming. I'm looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who can operate autonomously, and blend into the work environment. I have hired local workers in helping prepare the land for planting. I only want serious volunteers who wish to spread the practice of permaculture and sustainable agriculture.

Volunteers: Must be responsible, clean, efficient in duties, and able to wake up to work. Like I stated before, I'm looking for highly motivated and autonomous people and not looking to babysit anyone. Please send me your details of experience along with your volunteer request.

Meals: 3 meals a day vegetarian/pescatarian.

Hours: 6 hours a day Monday-Saturday 8am-12pm 5pm-7pm, Sunday is day off.

Accommodation: Bed or hammock is available in large house. You may have to move around from time to time.

Length of stay: can be determined after the first couple of weeks to see how relationship goes but I would like to have volunteers dedicated for 3 to 4 months. 

Name: Farm in Sudzal, Yucatan, Mexico
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Comment by India Kotis on December 2, 2016 at 11:27am


My name is India Kotis; I'm a nineteen year old student from New York City looking to WWOOF in Mexico for the month of February. Browsing through all of Mexico's farms, yours struck me as a particularly intriguing. I have very limited experience farming but am eager to learn (and I have more experience when it comes to straight up manual labor, like digging though--I love it!) I've also taken multiple college level classes in Environmental science.

I have some decent Spanish skills (I consider myself conversational.)

Do you have any availability for the months of February or March? In your opinion, when would be the best time to visit? When is the ground the most fertile? I hope to hear from you soon!

Many thanks,

India Kotis

Comment by Josue Mendez Michel on December 27, 2016 at 2:48pm

Hello Shane!!

Soy un persona nueva en WOOF buscando aprender y vivir experiencias en granjas orgánicas en diferentes regiones del país, mi nombre es Josue, tengo 27 años, hablo español e ingles y soy un cocinero con varios años de experiencia, acabo de regresar a Mexico después de 3 años en el extranjero y tuve la oportunidad de visitar un granja que forma parte de WOOF en Inglaterra y me pareció impresionante lo que se hace ahi, también estuve en Puerto Escondido Oaxaca en un huerto ecológico aprendiendo sobre permacultura  plantación de hortalizas y arboles frutales de la region. Tengo pocos conocimientos en granjas orgánicas ya que he trabajado en cocinas pero muchas ganas de aprender y transmitir mis conocimientos si son requeridos.
Por el momento estoy en la Michoacan hasta principios de enero, me preguntaba si habría oportunidad de hacer el voluntariado con ustedes a mitades de Enero por el tiempo de un mes. Muchas gracias de antemano y espero contar con la oportunidad.

Josue Mendez Michel.


Comment by Kristin White on December 28, 2016 at 7:16pm

Hola y buen día! 

Una amiga (se llama Jamie Neavill y tiene una pagina de WWOOF) y yo vamos a viajar por méxico el 6 de enero hasta el 22 de febrero.  Buscamos un lugar en que podemos trabajar y apoyar en cambio de una comunidad y claro, unas camas como wwoofer. Queremos quedarnos por 2 o 4 semanas en una finca. 
Me interesa muchas su comunidad, la oportunidad para practicar mas la agricultura, pero mas la oportunidad de participar en una finca de permaculture con gente que respecta a la naturaleza. 
Nos dos estamos bien amables y hablamos español y ingles. Mi amiga tiene 24 años y tengo 26. También estamos organizadas, trabajadores, responsables, y sobre todo tenemos actitudes positivas. Trabajamos bien duras y aprendemos bien rápidas. Tengo cuatro años trabajando en fincas aquí en Oregon y Jamie tiene dos años con fincas y un año en un huerto de la comunidad. 
Me manda un mensaje de email si se parece bien y quieren hablar mas!
Mil gracias por su tiempo y ojalá que hablemos pronto. 
 Kristin y Jamie 
Comment by Beatrice Spiger on January 1, 2017 at 2:16pm

Hola Shane!

My name is Beatrice and I am a traveller from Germany. I am staying in Tulum at the moment looking for an option to go somewhere else. I have read through your profile and it sounds very appealing to me. I like your idea of gaining independence in order to keep going into self-sufficiency. If you want, I would be really excited about the building processes for the animals. 

If you want to hook up with me you can contact me on WhatsApp: +49 1575 4431957 or email me: beatricespiger@web.de or add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beatrice.spiger

Have a nice day! 

Comment by MARIA TZANNETOU on January 15, 2017 at 9:37pm


I am Maria and I live the last two months in Mexico. I am 26 years old and I am coming from Greece. My dream is to make my own farm, and i have some experience but not as much as I want. I am interesting to come and help you, so I´ll learn more from you. My bachelor degree is in agriculture and I would like to learn more about the sector. I believe the best way to learn is to try, so i started to searching throw ¨wwoof¨and i found your place. 

If you have any questions, i will be glad to answer them! Sorry if i forget some important informations 😊

Thank you for your time!


Comment by Claire Elise Harris on January 31, 2017 at 8:53am

Hola Shane,

My partner Paul (who also has a wwoof membership) and I are travelling to Mexico in May and we would love to come and volunteer on your farm. We are really interested in animal care as well as food growing and harvesting. We have some volunteer experience on a farm already but we are hoping to learn more and expand our knowledge!

We were wondering whether you would be able to accommodate us in late May/early June this year?

We are English speakers but we are working on improving our Spanish at the moment!

It would be great to speak to you a bit more about the farm and do let us know if you have any questions about us.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Claire and Paul

Comment by Maudez Guélou on February 14, 2017 at 12:56pm

Hola Shane,

Me llamo Maudez, tengo 24 anos, soy francés, estudiante de Geografía y medio ambiante. 

Quiero viajar y trabajar con mi novia Lauren en Mexico por tres meses. Nos gustamos mucho Mexico y queremos descubrir esta cultura lejos del entorno turista y encontrar personas mexicanas porque aprender la lengua española ante todo ya que hablamos Ingles y Frances.

Tenemos mucha experiencia en agricultura; Trabajamos varios veranos en la granja orgánica de mis padres. Hacen muchos vegetales y frutas diferentes, Hay ovejas y abejas también. 

Ya hemos trabajado en varios WWOOF en Nueva-Zelanda en 2011, pensemos que es una excellente medio por aprender nueva estila de vida y intercambio técnica de agricultura. Usted practicas de cultivacion parece muy variado y interessante.

Estamos en Merida por varios días y podemos empezar despues. Buscamos una granja donde podamos trabajar por un mínimo dos semanas. 

Esperamos su respuesta.


Lauren y Maudez

Comment by Flore HAFFNER on February 19, 2017 at 9:21am

Hola Shane,
I'm Flore, a 27 years old french girl who would like to help you in your farm.

I'll be in Yucatan from the 5th of April and until the 10th of May.

I did some wwoofing in Australia and Japan before and I really enjoyed this experience. I speak fluently french and english. I don't speak spanish yet, but I'm learning it. I'm easy going and hard worker.

Let me know if you need me during this period.

Thank you,


e-mail: flore.haffner@gmail.com

Comment by maddalena on March 1, 2017 at 5:28am
my name is Maddalena and I came from Italy, Rome. I'm 33 years old and I travelled a lot around the world, I also made a round word trip. I never been in Mexico and I would love to have an experience in a farm for 1 week.
I already visitet other farms and I loved it,  I know what a jungle animals means and and I have no problem with that. I love this kind of live. I need nature, I need hand work with the nature and fruits ( not too heavy dued to my shoulder fragility) , I need to be in a new places and do simple things.
I will be very happy to stay in your farm and help you in your project.
Please let me know if for you is ok and if you have place for me in the period from March 7 to March 26th,  I'm still planning my last minute trip.

I perfectly speack english and spanish

thank you very mutch,
let me know very soon!


Comment by maddalena on March 1, 2017 at 5:28am



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