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Farm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Farm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

farm's name: The Botanical Forest, and the Fungi Farm

owner(s): Chandra Usher and Thalia Kazakos-Resh

email: rawculturecollective@gmail.com

phoner mx (+52) 044 415 566 5569

farm's address: downtown La Cieneguita, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico  

description of the farm:  1.5 acre section of old growth mesquite forest bordered by more forest to the south and west, and a lamb field to the east.  We have been working the land for 3 years now, using sustainable farming and permaculture methods to cultivate an array of vegetable crops, fruit trees, mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and flowers, as well as raise animals.  We have a large vegetable garden, herb garden, a cornfield, edible gardens throughout the forest, over 200 fruit trees, mycological laboratory and 5mx10m mushroom fruiting greenhouse, 15 chickens, 10 turkeys and 2 horses. We are constantly expanding and creating new things on the land as well as maintaining ongoing projects. Projects include watering, harvesting and maintaing veggie and herb gardens, mushroom work either in lab or greenhouse, animal care (mainly 2x daily feeding with option of grooming/exercising horses for those with experience) making and maintaining composts (worm, garden, food scrap), building projects (ongoing and optional to those interested/experienced) ex: stone house, platforms, palapas, fences, etc., garden and orchard development and planting (not a main focus at the moment but an option), seed germination,  general land maintenance and cleaning.  We want to people to do the work that they are best at and is most gratifying, therefore we are flexible with needs and considerate of yours.  There may be a week when a certain project dominates the work hours but we generally want people to do something that they are skilled at and inspires them.  

work required: 20 hours/week for room (small, private room off main house, or covered tent platform, depending on season) every additional hour worked goes towards meal point.

40 hours a week, flexible schedule for full room and board, 3 meals a day

Meals are always vegetarian friendly, with occasional farm to table meat option.  generally Gluten and Dairy Free friendly, can make exceptions upon request, other allergens require advanced notification and special planning. 

Rules and Restriction: Need to know basis.  This farm is our home so we ask you are respectful of the environment and us, and it will be reciprocated. Please be mindful of resources and use only approved personal hedging products. Ask us for more info.

We keep honey bees, so we can not accommodate people with life threatening bee allergies.  

Min/Max stay: 1 day to 1 month with option for long-term.

We provide sleeping surface, please let us know if you require blankets and pillows. Bring your own towel.

Info about Area: We are located 3 miles from San Miguel de Allende, a convenient 15 minute bus ride, but far enough to feel the tranquility of country living. 

Name: Farm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
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