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Farm in Comalcalco ,Tabasco,México


Farm in Comalcalco ,Tabasco,México

1.- FARM:  Hacienda Cacaotera Jesús María 
2.-OWNER/MANAGER: Vicente Alberto Gutiérrez Cacep
4.-PHONE: +52(933)3275367
7.- ADDRESS: Camino Vecinal SN , Ranchería Sur 5a Sección ,Comalcalco ,Tabasco,México C.P. 86657
8.- DESCRIPTION:  70 Hectars , 50 are cacao plantation ,16 are grass for cows and 4 are part of the house ,cacao nursery,chocolate factory ,warehouse and parking area.
Into the cacao plantation we grow many kind of fruits like orange,avocado,bananas,coconuts,Mamey,chicizapotes,guayas,pitahayas,jicaras,etc.
9,-Cacao is the main crop 
10.- The Hacienda is active all year working every day ,because we have a tourist area that receive visitors showing how the cacao is planting ,growing ,harvesting,fermenting,drying,and processing until get a Real Chocolate .
11.-We need people who know and understand very well the Organic Concept in the plantation and processing organic products. We work eight hours per day six days per week , but they can choose 6-8 hours.
12.- WORK DAY: 6-8 hours
13.- WORK WEEK:  5-6 days per week 
14.- ACCOMMODATIONS: The wwoofers can stay in the Hacienda we have a room for 4 students ,bathroom ,kitchen .
15.- MEALS: The meals can be local food ,usually we pay some neighbors that supply the food for students .
16.- RULES: No alcohol, complete the working hours that we agree.
17.-BRING: Boots,clear clothes , cacao knowledge ( theoric) .
18.-minimum one week , maximum three months.
19.-We are in the mexican rainforest the temperatures are hot the most part of the year .
The mosquitos are part of the daily life. 

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