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Solferino in QR usually has room for people

me too im waiting to find out about a Farm in Palenque, Chiapas,and i got reply,hope someone gets in touch soon,as im really looking forward to going,and working there,

hey y'all I have been wwoofing at Whitt's End Rancho on the east cape of baja cali. sur for the past 3 weeks


i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to wwoof. Lisa (the owner) is super reliable and speedy with replies/plans. The ranch is great, they are goat dairy and make homeade yogurt and cheese. THe area is amazing, you can go to the beautiful deserted beach every day or explore the desert/mountains. It was pretty frustrating trying to find a reliable and good place in Mexico so I figured I could help anyone else out by letting them know of one definitely good place. They could also really use the help down here, there is a lot of work to be done at Whitt's End=)

Hola Necesitamos ayuda extra en el cultivo de la MILPA.

Interesados que viajen por Guadalajara Bienvenidos!.

levisrios@gmail.com Telcel 3311550528

Levi Ríos 

Has anyone been to the WWOOF farm in Palenque? I am currently in Chiapas and likely to go there soon but it would be so nice if there was an easier way to see reviews and other people's experiences at a farm before going there..if anyone has been and would like to share their thoughts on the experience please post here or send me a message! Gracias a todos 

alguien viajo a la granja que esta Solferino, Quintana Roo?

Hi, I would not recommend volunteering with MEX013 in Quintana Roo http://www.wwoofmexico.org/profile/PatrickCarrier


It is very far from the village and the only transport provided is a bicycle which takes a long time to ride to town.
The owner, Patrick Carrier, takes a lot of drugs and becomes very aggressive at times.
They charge M$500 pesos per person, per week for food (very expensive!) but are using this to make a profit and do not give you enough to last the time.
Patrick has extreme beliefs about hidden societies which are controlling the earth, that he has psychic powers and can read the minds of humans and animals and control their behaviour.
One day I accidentally upset him and he was yelling at me and getting very close with a machete. I was quite scared as I was very isolated there is no mobile phone coverage.

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